Time is money & money is business.


There are many important functions in a business that needs more focus & attention. Pandemic has taught us the value of time & importance of the digital world.  


Every organisation needs marketing activity for promoting and growing their businesses.


Outsourcing marketing services, that can be handled by external agency without directly impacting the present day office work, is the best way forward. 


Innovative Concepts, MOP division, offers marketing knowledge services, content creation, brand management, search engine optimization, Social media marketing and other services to help you stay connected to the entire ecosystem of the business.


We are governed by data protection policy & have latest technologies to ensures efficient assistance to grow your businesses.


Outsourcing saves on workforce costs. It is the best economical way for businesses to increase their brand value & market reach. 


We are the best in, data driven approach, connecting you with the right customers & increasing your market presence in social media.


What we can do for you:


  • Handling your social media account

  • Blog management

  • Content writing 

  • Creating social media posts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

  • Producing video content

  • Creating paid campaigns on social media

  • SEO management


If your question, 'Can I increase my organization's market reach by outsourcing marketing services than doing myself or in-house?', is yes, contact us.

You can reach out to us on +91 9820636899 / +91 9769345348 nikhil@innoconcepts.co.in  

Authorized Marketing Consultant- 

 Established in the year 2010 to serve crane load instrumentation segment of the crane industry. With in-depth knowledge of this field and professional service support we quickly gained confidence of clients and became the market leader in a matter of 5 years.

Authorized Marketing Consultant for Cyber Vulnerability Audits-

Founded in 2007, Constellation Marine Services LLC. set out itself to be a leading independent marine consultancy company in the Maritime/Shipping industry. Today, as of 2018, we have completed over 15500 successful assignments. We are a global company with branches in Dubai, London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Yemen.

Authorized Marketing Consultant- 

Aventus Oil Tools is a nascent Company, established and managed by personnel having rich experience in oil field. It is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying of high quality oil field equipment for the Upstream Sectors. The Company focuses on Designing, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Application and Field Servicing from a dynamic and experienced perspective.


Authorized Marketing Consultant- 

SATTVA EngiTech Pvt Ltd. The company is engaged with Innovative Concepts (IC) for the marketing and business development services. SET provides Conceptual/Feasibility Engineering, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Detailed Engineering and has specialization in Process Engineering, Piping/Mechanical Engineering, Process Safety and Flow Assurance.

Authorized Marketing Consultant- 

Minar Hydrosystems Private Limited was established in 1999 with its core strength in Hydraulic cylinder technology. From a repair shop Minar has metamorphosed into a high technology cylinder design & manufacturing workshop capable of producing cylinders for ultra high pressure (upto 2000 bar) and high temperature (upto 200ºC) applications.

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Authorized Marketing Consultant- 

Rezlytix is a software and service company specializing in automation through Machine Learning and Deep Learning Technologies in the upstream oil and gas sector. The technology provides necessary enhancement in resolution and information coupled with more accurate prediction of recoverable thus helping customers improve their well productivity and post tangible cost savings.